Parijat aims at providing basic facility to the children and women who are dependent on Anganwadi in Fatehgarh, Ambala. During summers, it becomes very difficult for young children and women to avail the services at Anganwadi centres due to heat and lack of fans just adds to it.  Installing fans at these Anganwadi centres ensured increase in participation of children and women in various services provided at the Anganwadi centres. This project aims at improving the quality of Anganwadi centres by providing an enabling social habitat for children and women where they get educational and nutritional support.

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  • Healthy children will eradicate poverty and malnutrition and make a prosperous nation. The Anganwadi project is a CSR initiative by Parijat Industries India Pvt Ltd.
  • The project aims to provide comfortable and sound environment for the child’s early educational experience to their well being, growth and development to adulthood
  • Anganwadi’s in Jatwar village, Ambala has been painted and revamped. The walls and doors and windows have been repaired and painted so that children can have a healthy environment inside the Anganwadi’s
  • The Anganwadi centers in Jatwar were not even equipped with requisite facilities like toys and utensils. Both the Anganwadi’s have been provided with Tables, Chairs, Swing, Slides, Utensils and cooking vessels for cooking.
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